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Welcome to our web site!

At Branham Babies we are dedicated to bringing you the most "lifelike" dolls at the best prices. Please take time to look at our dolls, they are lovingly handmade and each one is unique. Because they're handmade no two dolls are ever the same.

Branham Babies is located in Westmoreland, a small town in Central New York. Over 600 dolls have already been made for our local customers and shipped from New York to Japan. Here are a few comments from some of our customers:

"Your dolls are the most lifelike I have ever seen!"
-Carol; Westmoreland, NY

"I can spot one of your dolls out of a crowd, the others don't compare"
-Kay; Rome, NY

"My mother-in-law cried when I gave her the doll you made that looked liked her daughter, thank you so much for the great job"
-Kristi; Oriskany, NY

For questions or comments please EMAIL us at:


This is one of our "Toddler" sized dolls. She'd make a great addition to anyone's home.

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